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Tree Spraying

If you want to keep your trees and shrubs away from insects and disease infestations, our tree spraying service in Carmel, IN, is the solution for you. 

Tree spraying, as well as other routine tree maintenance, is crucial for the overall health of your trees. It keeps trees in good condition and avoids the need for them to be removed due to health and safety reasons. 

Insects and pests affect trees in many negative ways. If you don’t know whether your tree needs spraying or not, we can come to your property and assess the tree in question and offer our expert advice. Whether your tree requires tree spraying, deep root fertilization, or both, we can provide you with the exact service you need.

Trees are vulnerable to insect and pest infestations. This can kill even the largest and most vigorous tree in your yard. If your tree is infested with insects, call us right away, and we will inspect the tree and consider our next steps. Carmel Tree Service will perform a thorough evaluation of the tree and identify what insects have infested it. We will also look at the shrubs and hedges in your yard and check for bugs and pests. 

We will use the right spray solution necessary to eliminate these insects and bring back the health of your greenery. We are well-adjusted with pest control and treatment of insect-infested trees. No matter how bad the situation is, you can count on us to provide the treatment your tree needs to fully recover from the infestation. We offer our spraying service to residential and commercial areas. 

We also provide soil injection treatment, which is a useful tool to take care of tree pests and eliminate diseases and insects. This method is an ideal choice to get rid of insect infestations because it doesn’t have to be done several times a year. This means it is an economical and environmental option for property owners. Soil injection is useful because it allows the roots of the tree to absorb the solution through the roots. 

Our tree surgeons will determine what kind of infestation your tree has and depend on our treatment of that. We can recommend soil or trunk injections, depending on the needs of your plant. Rest assured that, whichever technique we use, we will achieve the same quality results. Call us now and get a free estimate on our spraying or soil injection treatment. 


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