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Stump Grinding

If you have a tree recently removed, you will have to deal with the remaining stump after. Tree stumps can be annoying and a nuisance in your yard. If you need to rid of these stumps, give us a call, and we will eliminate them in the most effective and safest way possible. 

The difficulty level of removing each stump depends on the size and age. Younger stumps are generally easier to grind while older stumps require more time and equipment to be removed. Regardless of the age of the stump, our expert team can get rid of it using our state-of-the-art equipment. 

Carmel Tree Service invests on top of the line tools and equipment to help us remove every stump in the yard. We utilize effective and safe techniques to eliminate stumps. We want to help you rid the unwanted stump in your yard so you can use the space for other specific purposes.  

While some tree services remove stumps hastily, Carmel Tree Service plan our activities and make sure we get things done right. We assure you of effective stump removal service at a price you can afford. 

Once the stump is removed, you will not see any trace of its existence. It is never in our nature to leave a job without making sure it is completely done. Our professional technicians deal with stump removal using expert techniques and safe practices. We get the job done in the shortest possible time. 

Carmel Tree Service aims to help you create the space you need in your yard. Whether you want to use it for a playground, a patio, or just an area where you can relax with your family, Carmel Tree Service can help you realize your dreams. We can either grind the stump or dig it out completely, depending on your needs. 

We want to deliver the highest quality stump removal service in town, which is why we will be happy to go back to your property if you are not satisfied with our initial service. We can regrind the stump until you are pleased with the result. We will cover the hole with dirt and wood chips to restore its former beauty. 

Once we are done, you will not even realize that a stump used to be in the area. Using our top-rated equipment operated by our well-trained personnel, you can be confident that the end of the day will eliminate the annoying stump in your yard.


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